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Street Pack carpet cleaning has been in the cleaning industry for over 12 years by now, we are known by our premium services for carpet upholstery leather and rug cleaning, Our customers comes first.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Street Pack Sydney provides a professional carpet cleaning service to commercial businesses and domestic properties in central Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Our Carpet cleaning service based in Sydney and surrounding suburbs is fast, effective, safe and tough on stains. Professional carpet cleaning is the best option to sanitise, remove deep ingrain stains, eliminate dust and freshen up any room.

Fast, non-toxic and effective Sydney Carpet Cleaning

Street Pack Sydney provides two methods for carpet cleaning; dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is ideal for resilient stains and dry cleaning is perfect for refreshing older carpet or spaces that need to be walked on immediately after cleaning.







Our Services

  • Water Damage Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaners
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Leather Lounge Cleaning
  • Office Carpet Cleaners
Take control of your water damaged carpet and contact DryTech Sydney today!
Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. From a burst pipe to leaky roofs and major flooding, water damaged carpets are something that require immediate attention. Without the expert services of a professional carpet cleaner, a flooded carpet can be a serious health concern for you and your family. LEARN MORE
Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney
Get your upholstery looking new again with expert sofa and couch cleaningThe fabric of your couches and other upholstery needs to be cleaned regularly to stay in a fresh, soft condition, free from dust mites and bacteria. It is also important, however, to get professionals to do the job to ensure a thorough finish that does not damage your furniture. LEARN MORE
Make over your tiles with our Sydney Tile and Grout Cleaning Service
Tile grout is porous and easily absorbs dirt, mould and lime scale. This sort of build-up soils the aesthetic of your tiles surface and is near impossible to remove with domestic cleaning products. To ensure they are cleaned effectively, tiles and grout require pressure cleaning by professionals to refresh they’re appearance and ensure they are hygienic. LEARN MORE
When you need reliable and affordable rug cleaning for your Sydney home, look to DryTech
Remember when you first bought your floor rug? How soft, clean and striking it was? Nowadays the years of dirt being trodden into the fibres and various spills has probably left it looking considerably less proud in the middle of your living room. LEARN MORE
Sleep soundly at night with our mattress steam cleaning
We wash our bed sheets every week but the much bigger breeding ground for bacteria is often left untouched until it is thrown out. The average person spends about one third of their life in bed so it makes sense to ensure we spend it in healthy conditions with regular mattress cleaning. LEARN MORE
Prolong your leathers appearance, softness and comfort with our Sydney leather cleaning services
Leather is a natural product and hence elements such as heating, air-conditioning, sunlight, body oils, dirt and general day to day use can have a big impact on the appearance, longevity and cleanliness of your couch. Over time leather lounges can become dull, dry, stained and scratched. Much like a pair of leather shoes, regular cleaning, buffing and moisturising is required to maintain a pleasing appearance and soft touch. LEARN MORE
Maintain a professional appearance with our Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Sydney
Workspace aesthetics and cleanliness, including carpets, can either enhance or weaken your business image and appearance. Clean and positive work spaces are said to increase productivity and improve brand image, by improving perception to visiting clients. LEARN MORE
How do we dry clean or steam clean your Carpet

Drytech work to Australian Standards. We are fully trained and accredited to Interactive Training International. This means we are trained to remove any stain. It also means that our clients get the best possible cleaning service in Sydney. This is why Drytech are considered to be Sydney’s leading carpet cleaning business.

Spare yourself from an expensive floor renovation or having to do the hard labour on your own – leave it to the experts at DryTech to instantly make your home or office look like brand new with our carpet steam cleaning or dry cleaning service in Sydney. Our teams of professional carpet cleaners are among the best in the industry.

We strive to deliver the best carpet cleaning services in Sydney at affordable rates, so why wait? At a fraction of the cost it would take to replace your carpeting, you can have your floors looking and smelling like brand new. We use non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals to accommodate for all different types of materials such as synthetic, wool, burlap, and combinations.